4 juli 2018

My current favorite hair products

Happy Wednesday! And welcome to my blog!

I have been traveling all around and I got the chance to meet new people and of course, new products! And you know me, If I get my hands on a new product I cannot wait to try it out. AND Lord have I been dying to tell you all about my current favorite products! Bare with me since they all are salon products and cannot be purchased at a drugstore. BUT a girl needs to treat herself some time right?

I have included my top 6 favorite current products that I have been using the past weeks and I had to share them with you! Below you can read about what I love about them, why I love them and why I think you SHOULD purchase these for this summer!

To make it easier for you guys, I have included all the links below so you can shop them ALL!

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10 mei 2018

Summer chique

My favorite spring looks that I wore last week

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6 april 2018

My Natural Glowy Look

The easiest way to achieve a look so flawless and glowy, using only view products!

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22 maart 2018

Do’s & Don’ts Hair Care

How to keep your hair it’s best by following these simple yet helpful tips! Common hair missteps can ruin the health, look and texture of your hair. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts for strong, gorgeous, healthy hair!

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