26 januari 2018

Hair Trends For 2018 !

Have you seen the 2018 hair trends already? I have! And I am completely sold! I couldn’t wait to write this blog for you, let alone how inspired I am because all of these styles! Let me know which one is your all-time favorite by commenting below! Let’s GO 2018! My hair is ready!
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13 november 2017

Lip colors for this fall

My favourite lip colours to wear during the gloomy season!

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2 november 2017

Pumpkin soup

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21 september 2017

New York September 2017

New York New York!

It’s time again to pack our bags and fly to New York! This is the second year that I have attended NYFW and I absolutely love it! New York Fashion Week tends to be a very busy week but I always manage to be full of energy because of the vibe, the people and the atmosphere in the city! I just love a little New York time!


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