7 things to think about before getting bangs

I don’t know about you guys but when I see someone with bangs, I get itchy feet and want to cut bangs as well! I don’t blame anyone who has this feeling, bangs are so much fun! They look cute and add this extra “thing” to our face. It’s like an accessory to the face! I really love them BUT there are a few things I wish I had known before I got them a few years ago;

Are you willing to style your bangs?
If you are born with straight hair and don’t need to do anything about it every morning, you are suitable to cut bangs as you can get to work every morning without having to stand in front of the mirror for long. But, if you don’t have straight, think about it before cutting it. Are you willing to style your bangs every morning? This will take some time and effort. Without a doubt you need to style your bangs every morning!


Are you ready for multiple visits to the salon.
Having bangs is great, but you need to know that they will grow out very fast! Also, if you are thinking about keeping your bangs for a long time, be prepared to visit the salon frequently for a trim.


Do you have the tools to style your bangs?
Just like I mentioned above, not all of us have straight hair that falls right in place when we wake up. If you have hair that needs to be styled, you need to consider getting tools for your bangs. Think about a small round brush for blow-drying your hair or a straightener for the sleek look. Even the right dry shampoo to fluff the bangs in the morning will work


Do you have the right shape face for this kind of bangs?
I think everyone can pull of bangs! Depending on the shape of your face and with the right cut, you can pull of the right bangs. There is a shape for everyone! You just need to know what kind of shape your face is and what type of bangs fit best! Ask your hairdresser for advice!

Does your foundation fit your bangs?
I know many if you wouldn’t think about this and maybe think that this is silly for me to even mention it, but I know having hair in your face can create friction, therefore creating an oily T-zone. If your already have an oily T-Zone, you might consider a foundation that is water based rather than a foundation that is oil based. This way you won’t have an oily T-zone and no pimples.


Are you prepared for the growing out phase?
Having bangs is one thing, but also remember that once you are tired of them, you need to grow them out. That is a phase that takes time and a lot of patience! I know many women who just got tired of that phase and cut the bangs again. It’s just something you want to think about before cutting your bangs.

Will you enjoy them with multiple hairstyles?
If you are the kind of girl who loves to play around with multiple hairstyles, you might want to think about the fact that bangs will change this. Ponytail, braid or wearing your hair half up, the bangs will always be there, therefore they will also change the look of the hairstyle.

If most of your answers to the above is ‘yes’, then you might be ready for bangs! It’s always fun to play around and enjoy a change in your hair game! I myself always support everyone who want to get bangs. Change is good, so go and have fun!


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I absolutely love this! What product do I need to use to create a fluffy volume bangs?

Sarah Angius
Sarah Angius

I would recommend mouse in wet hair, blow-dry it after and finish off with paste to give it some texture


I was born with straight-ish hare and believe me if u have like straight and fluffy hair (and thick), bangs are a perfect look but can be complicated. Espetially for bdrying. Keep that in mind


Any tips for curly hair with bangs?
I cut bangs recently and i love it so much ; they need high maintenance but it gives style to the face.