….And Action !!

Creating a tutorial is so much fun. But for me it’s also work. I always strive to deliver quality, which means clear sound & image.


Believe it or not, every tutorial you’ve seen so far has been recorded with my iphone 6.
I discovered that my iphone has the ability to deliver amazing quality when it comes to videos and pictures.
It’s easy to work with and it doesn’t need much time to figure out.


Light is the main key when it comes to a clear image. Having a huge window in my living room where the light enters everyday is truly a blessing. Daylight with a little bit of sunlight is all I need to record a tutorial.


Who held the phone??
Mirror mirror…

Being creative is amazing. Not only when it comes to creating up do’s and hairstyles, but also on how to solve problems.
My mirror was my solution to my (who will hold the phone for me while filming) problem.
I turned my mirror and placed the iPhone on top, leaning against the window.
Sometimes I sat on a chair but when the angle isn’t right I put a pillow on the floor and sit on it.

Whatever it takes to create the perfect tutorial

You don’t need much to create or to do what you love. It all starts with the smallest things and before you know it, it could lead to something big.


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Wow, highly recommended blog posting. Love how you articulate the post to a very professional degree. Definitely bookmarking entire site. Thanks for creating this article.


why you dont upload on pinterest???


Hi Sarah,
I really like all your videos and tips you give us 🙂
I can’t find the adress from your hairdresser salon. Could you give me the adress in order to take an appointment please ? I would really be gratuful to get a new haircut in your Salon.
Thank you so much and hope hearing from you soon.