3 december 2018

My No Foundation Look

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12 september 2018

What’s in my bag

I’m well organised when it comes to my bag. You won’t find anything useless in there. I love to have everything with me on the go just in case, especially for my hair.

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6 april 2018

My Natural Glowy Look

The easiest way to achieve a look so flawless and glowy, using only view products!

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13 november 2017

Lip colors for this fall

My favourite lip colours to wear during the gloomy season!

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29 augustus 2017

Once upon a fall day in August

Fall is just around the corner and I started a little early this year by mixing and matching my favorite fall items and colors.

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26 februari 2017

Mirror Mirror

There is just something about red lips and a clean make-up face! It completes the look and adds that little sparkle that compliments the entire look! With this look I combined the red lips and big hair. I kept the eyes simple and clean! 

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11 november 2015

A Secret….

Once Upon a time in a land far away, a woman called Gamila discovered the secret of Beauty. A secret that makes people healthier, happier and more beautiful.
Women from all over the world heard about this secret. They tried it, they loved it and they lived happily ever after…

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20 oktober 2015

Kissable Red!

Preparing my lips for my red lips look has become a habit to me. Wearing red lips is more than just a color. It’s a statement. And it must look perfect while making it!
With the next steps you’ll have the perfect kissable lips!

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8 oktober 2015

Once upon a October….

Without the storms and the heavy rain, my second favourite season!
Everything gets cozy, warm and colorful. And nature shows off her beauty.

And I simply adjust…

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5 oktober 2015

Hello Coral!

Soft, fruity, fresh & yum!
No I’m not talking about candy. I’m talking about my favorite color, coral!
I’ve met this color 4 summers ago and I was hooked. Fall came and even winter but I could not let coral go. And to be honest I don’t attach colors to seasons.
I attach colors to my mood 😉

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6 juli 2015

My daily basic look

Make up is something we all love to put on and enjoy wearing. Every woman has her own way of using it. Some of us like to go all the way with it and others just use a small part of it.
I love to mix a little of both!

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6 juli 2015

Liquid gold

The moment the world introduced Argan oil i immediately wanted to get my hands on one! Argan oli is like magic in a bottle. If you are seeking for an effective, all natural moisturizer for skin and hair, Argan oil can provide that!

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