Bouncy Curls

While my hair Is still wet Im using heat protection. As many of you know my natural hair is very dry and curly. And since I love to switch from polished sleek hair to my big bouncy natural curls, I need to be gentle with my hair especially when it comes to heat!
The product that I’m using today is a spray from Aveda! The spray is very light and gentle to the hair. It doesn’t weight the hair down and it’s doesn’t make the hair sticky or greasy. Remember we are about to create a lot of volume so make sure not to put too much weight on the hair!


Im starting by blow drying my hair section by section. Since my hair is very curly and frizzy naturally I need to polish the hair section until it’s smooth enough. For this I’m using a round brush. Different sizes for the long and short layers.
Once the hair section is completely dry and polished it’s time to roll it up:
  • Grab the polished hair section by the end. Wrap it around two fingers couple of times until it’s secured.
  • Continue rolling the hair section keeping it tight around your fingers. Keep rolling toward the head util your run out of hair.
  • Secure the roll in place using a hair clip or a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same steps with the next hair section.


Once you’ve finished rolling all the hair up it’s time to let it cool off for at least 30 minutes. Letting your hair cool off will make your style lasts longer. It will actually set in! So give it some time I promise you it will hold the volume and the curl much longer!
( use those minutes to do your make up or simply watch some of my hair tutorials 😀 )
30 minutes later it’s time to let the hair down. This is definitely my favourite part. The curls appear the moment you remove the hair clip. It’s so bouncy and fluffy!
Im not brushing the hair simply because I like the curly look as it is. However I do love to run my fingers through my hair to separate the curls. This will create more volume.
Finish this look off by using a light weight hair spray and you’re ready to rock this bouncy curly look!
*Important notes:
Having short layers is definitely a bounce! The layers help to lift the hair up especially if you have long, thick hair. The thickness of the hair weights everything down which makes it very hard to achieve the bouncy look
If you have straight hair try to add mouse or volume spray to your wet hair
(squeeze the product into the hair)
Blow dry the hair (upside down) up to 80% before starting the polishing proses.


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Love your hairstyle. i will try this too. Thank you for sharing.


**Clean hairstyle.


My hairs are frizzy i don’t get vlean hairstyle.especialy the root sides are more frizzy. Friz is all over. I get frustrated by friz. Should i use mouse or gel or serum for that?