Dear Mama

A letter to mom…
‘ Dear mama, thank you for raising me, for supporting me and pushing me.
I could not have done this without your continuous support.
I love you and I believe that ‘everyday is mother day’. I can’t help but spoiling you with amazing presents and I know what a mom needs!
Love you mom
Always and forever
Spoiling our moms is always fun! It doesn’t always mean that you have to spend tons of money! It’s the thought that counts. I decided to include some products that moms would LOVE! But I also want to talk about things that I did over the years for mother day that were very much fun as well! They don’t always come in a box but that’s the fun idea!
We all know that moms always need some pampering. That is why I included some of my all time favorite products to give our moms! Some are special for our gray hair moms and some are for our younger mommies.
A year ago, we took our mom to a nice townhouse with the most beautiful garden. We had a lovely moms day brunch and took some lovely pictures together.
We chatted about everything and had a great laugh. She loved it and enjoyed that day as much as we did!
My sister and I have always had a special bond with our mother. Maybe it’s because we have always been together traveling. Maybe because we have been through so much together. I don’t know but I am always thankful for this special bond and always will be!
Every mother is unique and beautiful that’s why I’ve selected some hair and beauty gift sets below for every MAMA out there.

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