17 december 2018

My 2018 Holiday Gift Tips!

Haven’t got a Christmas present yet? I got you!

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28 november 2018

How I make a living out of my Social Channels

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20 september 2018

Where I shop

Here is where I get my outfits from!

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12 september 2018

What’s in my bag

I’m well organised when it comes to my bag. You won’t find anything useless in there. I love to have everything with me on the go just in case, especially for my hair.

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5 september 2018


My favourite outfit of the week!

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9 augustus 2018

With love from Crete

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10 mei 2018

Summer chique

My favorite spring looks that I wore last week

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28 februari 2018

Fashion Week 2018 Findings

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22 februari 2018

A Piece Of Home

So many little and big details, here and there, spread all over the house and I’m sharing them with you today. A part of my living room have been seen by millions of you. I record all my Instagram Hair Tutorials in my living room. I love the cozy feeling you get when watching my tutorials. I think it’s more personal than a blanc background and It’s like you are here with me in the living.

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7 februari 2018

Mom jeans

Hi there! – Good to have you back here on my blog. I decided today to share everything about my favorite ways to style my mom-jeans! Mom jeans have made a huge comeback the past years and are still a huge trend and a definite must-have in your closet. Now I know everyone has their own way to style their mom-jeans. But I had to show you mine. I hope you guys like it! Don’t hesitate to share your way of styling your mom jeans with me
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2 november 2017

Pumpkin soup

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21 september 2017

New York September 2017

New York New York!

It’s time again to pack our bags and fly to New York! This is the second year that I have attended NYFW and I absolutely love it! New York Fashion Week tends to be a very busy week but I always manage to be full of energy because of the vibe, the people and the atmosphere in the city! I just love a little New York time!


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29 augustus 2017

Once upon a fall day in August

Fall is just around the corner and I started a little early this year by mixing and matching my favorite fall items and colors.

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10 april 2017

Glitter Toes

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7 maart 2017

Dubai Surprise

– I would like to personally thank Dubai Tourism for making this trip possible! For my husbands Birthday we got invited to amazing Dubai to explore all that it has to offer! From our visit to the Atlantis resort to flying over the Palm Islands, everything was possible during this amazing trip!


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26 februari 2017

Those romantic days

The day you wear red and combine it with red lips, is when you know you will be called the lady in red

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26 februari 2017

Velvet Blue

Velvet blue and a pop of yellow. The love for colors is there! The fringe pants are one of my favorites, although they may look way more fabulous on the runway, they will work when you combine them with something simple!

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26 februari 2017

Furry velvet

Velvet and Big Hair are the best combination. The pants combines the colors of the tank and the faux fur coat.

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26 februari 2017

Mrs. Grey

With this street style look I wore my hair up in a braided bun, which makes the look more playful and fun! It’s perfect for when you want to upgrade your bun styles! Check out my tutorial on how to achieve this look!

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6 december 2016

Colors, Curls & Comfortable!

Curls, Curls Curls!! Guys it’s that time again for me to wear my natural curls! Check out my post to see how I styled those curls with some blue jeans and a good oversized sweat !

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19 november 2016

Winter is here!

Winter is here, and finally I can take out my favorite gloves and combine them with one of my favorite bags! With the color blu and red, no one can go wrong!


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13 november 2016

Say YES to RED

Say yes to red and let it pop! If you don’t want to use allot of red in your outfit, go for some red boots, bag or a scarf! This way you don’t have to over-do it!

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3 november 2016

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Winter is here! This means all our beautiful outfits will disappear under the jackets. I went shopping the other day and I found this adorable beaded sweater! I decided to ignore the cold and went outside to put this beauty in the spotlights! (cuz I know many of you will love this one 😉 ). I styled it with my favorite jeans and matching sneakers!

Shop this entire outfit below!

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1 november 2016


My week in amazing NYC in a little blogpost! Check out what I wore, ate and slept 🙂

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28 oktober 2016

My fall Favorites

Check out my absolute fall favorites! Over the past weeks I’ve shared many make up and fashion looks on my Instagram page! Despite the fact that I’ve tagged every brand I’m wearing or using, I still receive many questions about it. For those who’ve missed it, here are some of my favorites that I’ve shared over the past couple of weeks with you!

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19 oktober 2016

Portrait of Self Portrait

L’Oreal Party was amazing! I love to share with you guys my outfit for that night!



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28 augustus 2016

Flowers & Appelflappen

I woke up Saturday morning craving Appelflappen. Literally translated it means: Apple flaps. Never heard of it? Keep on reading!

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20 augustus 2016

Meet Bailey!

This is Bailey, our new family member!
This little tasmanian devil is going to be a part of my online and offline life. Some of you have met him already but there is so much you don’t know about Bailey

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10 juni 2016

First Arabic interview

This interview was one of the excited things I did so far.
Yes I was extremely nervous but also very determent to do this.


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6 april 2016

Ola! Fuerteventura

It was time to escape the cold winter and to visit our dearly beloved friend, the sun! Read all about my adventure below!


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30 november 2015

We are Live!

Dear Sarah,

My name is M. Claire and I am the beauty editor for the tv show Koffietijd RTL4
I would like to invite you to be our guest at the show.
Can you please call me to discuss further information?

Best Regardes,

M. Claire

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19 oktober 2015

The City girl & Mother Nature

Being a city girl is amazing! I have always loved the energy of big cities, the lights, the diverse people, the sounds, and the non-stop activities! Everywhere I go there is always something going on.
But every now and then I hear nature calling me. I see it and I feel it around me. Everything sounds too loud, people passing me by with a rush and the traffic is insane.
It’s time to leave the city!

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14 oktober 2015

My “home alone moment”

While the winter is just around the corner I find myself often trapped inside the house (comparing to the summer where you can find me outside hanging around the ice cream truck)
But also winter can be charming if you know exactly how to welcome it.

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30 september 2015

….And Action !!

Creating a tutorial is so much fun. But for me it’s also work. I always strive to deliver quality, which means clear sound & image!

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24 september 2015

From Buda to Pest

If Rome and Paris would make a baby, you get Budapest

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6 juli 2015

A moment for inspiration

Magazines are a way to fill the mind with creative ideas and inspiration. Nowadays available online but I buy printed magazines.
I love to walk into the store and surround my self by the editors and the writers. The smell of the fresh printed paper.

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