Lip colors for this fall

Soft, natural and wearable at any times: BALMAIN – confession

Bold and Sassy: MAC – dubonnet

Bright and Romantic: MAKEUPFOREVER – M401

Fierce and Flirty: BALMAIN – liberation

Fresh and Fun: MAC – relentlessly red A44

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Maybe she waxed them. Who cares everyone has nose hair . and if you don’t you probably get a lot of colds and therefore often have a runny nose.


Nothing wrong with nose hair! But it was in the original photos, then changed. I just didn’t like that the pictures are photoshopped. I saw on Instagram, and was like “Whew!”, she’s normal, then I feel bad to see the “fakeness” here. Ah, well. That’s the world we live in.


Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha nose hairs


lol on Instagram you had nose hairs showing, now it’s photoshopped out. I always respected you for keeping it real, but this is fake!!! What else is??