Meet Bailey!





















This is Bailey, our new family member!
This little tasmanian devil is going to be a part of my online and offline life. Some of you have met him already but there is so much you don’t know about Bailey.

Most of you (snapfam) know that Chubby (Jack russel) was my first dog ever. I’ve had him for 11 years. He was there every Christmas and every birthday. He was there when I met my husband, when we moved to our new home. Chubby was there to witness every new chapter in my life. So funny to assume that he will always be there.
He past away last December.

I told my husband that I just wanted to take a look at some puppies who were only 4 weeks old at that time (July 15, 2016) Just looking, I promise!
You guessed it right, the plan failed as soon as I saw Bailey! The feeling of holding a new puppy again was beyond remarkable. For a brief moment I felt sad. Seeing Bailey reminded me of Chubby. His smell and the puppy look in his eyes. But soon the sadness made room for love and caring. I knew that he was the one to take home with us.
Bailey, like any other puppy, loves to play all day, every day and with everyone. He pees everywhere and when he eats it’s like there is no tomorrow.
He explores with his teeth and let me tell you something, these are sharp! Everything around him is worth chewing on (shoes, toes, hair, furniture)

Bringing a puppy home is the beginning of a long process where you train your puppy to become a happy, balanced dog! I’ve read books about frenchies, I’v watched tones of youtube tutorials about puppy training and most important, how to make your home ready before the puppy arrives. It’s easy to adopt a puppy but the hard work begins the moment he walk in to your house.

Bailey is 10 weeks old now. He has most of his shots, still one to go before we can go out and get him to play with other dogs. I can’t wait to see him running around in the park and exploring the world around him.
What are your happiest moments with your dog? Share it with me below 🙂


Jeans – Guess (similar)
Bag – Zara
Sun glasses – Prada
Top – Forever 21 (similar)
Lipstick – Mac Rich & Restless
Shoes – Giamo





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Cute dog!! What kind is he??


Bailey is so cute. What kind of dog is he??

Kishoth rao

just love it the way u care on bailey 🙂 stay bless