Mom jeans

The oversized Boy-friend shirt – This style is so easy and so comfortable to create! By easy I mean, go to your boyfriends side of the closet and pick a oversized shirt that will match your mom jeans and combine this look with boots, sneakers or for a more sophisticated look some heels! I absolutely love how this oversized blouse actually compliments the mom-jeans. Add a oversized vest and you are good to go!

Sweater-weather, always a big YAY for oversized sweaters! So I couldn’t resist adding a sweater. I love the oversized blouse under since this sweater was a little bit cropped. Don’t forget your sneakers and matchy bad and belt!


Last but not least don’t forget the easy go to T-shirt that you can style with the mommy jeans. Always a great choice weather you are going to work or a night out!

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Dalia\'s Delights

Super cute! Can’t wait for spring time and lighter layers. 🙂