My fall Favorites

Over the past weeks I’ve shared many make up and fashion looks on my Instagram page! Despite the fact that I’ve tagged every brand I’m wearing or using, I still receive many questions about it. For those who’ve missed it, here are some of my favorites that I’ve shared over the past couple of weeks with you! To make it extra easy I attached a link below where you can purchase these beauties 😀 img_5572 img_5005

  •  My favorite over knees boots. Every time I wear these I get so many compliments! The color screams fall, they are extremely comfortable and the price is great! Ps: how adorable are the heels?


  • To get a flawless looking skin, you need a good base before putting on the foundation. I’ve been using these 2 products for ages and I love recommending them to you! To hide my pores, I start off by putting a small amount of the Pore Professional from Benefit. Try to do one side first to notice the difference, it’s amazing. Next my favorite, Girl Meets Pearl! It’s a very shimmery cream, gives a beautiful healthy glow to the skin without making it looking greasy! Tip: Mix this with your foundation!

img_5530 img_5857

  • During my visit to New York for New York Fashion Week, I got my hands on this beautiful metallic clutch! It screems Rock & Roll but still feminine enough to wear with a dress, like I did! Ps: the color of the clutch changes deepening on the lighting!


  • If you’re already a part of my Snapfam, you know that every now and than I give a review about the products that I’m currently using. These 2 powders from Laura Mercier are a must have if you want to keep your make up looking flawless the entire day! The light powder for under the eyes is a life saver. It keeps the concealer perfect in place the entire day and it’s lights up the area underneath the eyes! The face powder is extremely light, very natural looking! Tip: press the powder into the face instead of using a powder brush! By pressing the powder you’re setting the product into your skin, gives it a beautiful and natural finish!

img_5409 IMG_5497

  • My current foundation is from Bobbi Brown. I have a “summer” and a “winter” version. The winter one give more coverage and protects my skin during the cold harsh winter! The summer one is light, almost no coverage and it gives a soft glow to the skin. I get very tanned in the summer as you can see there is a big different between the two colors!Obsessing about this color and so are you! I’ve received so many comments and questions about this color! I’m wearing this in almost every tutorial and every picture! Sometimes I mix them together to create a new shade!

img_5339 img_5405_beautune_20161027

  • I’m obsessing about this color and so are you! I’ve received so many comments and questions from you guys about this color! I’m wearing it in almost every tutorial and every picture! It’s fall, it’s sexy and it’s compliments almost every skin tone! The color is Brazen.
    Tip: put a small amount on your cheeks to create a matching cream blush!

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Sarah please tell me what shades of foundations they are?


Hi Sarah. Where did you buy your beautiful coat? There is nothing about it