A moment for inspiration

Magazines are a way to fill the mind with creative ideas and inspiration. Nowadays available online but I buy printed magazines.
I love to walk into the store and surround my self by the editors and the writers. The smell of the fresh printed paper.




Twice a week with a cup of cinemon tea in my favorite corner of the house. A moment for my self to entre the world of fashion, beauty and brands. Designers, photographers and models. A world that seems so far away is suddenly nearby.




I’ve always been inspired by the world of fashion. I didn’t want to be a model or a designer, but something about it has always attracted me. Maybe it’s the clothes, bags and the shoes 😀


Today I let fashion inspire me to create my up do’s and hairstyles. Just like fashion, hairstyles changes over time. New once are born and old once sometimes bring us a visit from the past.
And I always welcome them both with open arms.





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