My Beach Hair Care Routine

YES! The summer is here!
Soaking up the vitamin-D I’ve missed during the winter months feels amazing! Spending hours at the beach, hanging out by the swimming pool with a cosmopolitan in one hand and Ice cream in the other! lol
But seriously, despite the great amount of love that I have for the sun, Im aware of the damage caused buy this hot star (it’s not a planet ;))


Protecting the hair before heading to the beach is extremely important. Bleached hair or not the sun shows no mercy when it comes to damaging the hair.
There is a protocol that I’ve been following for ages when it comes to protecting my hair and I’m sharing it for the first time with you 😉

During the summer months I step up my deep conditioning hair routine. My hair is naturally dry and during the summer months it’s at it worst, so I make sure my hair is moisturized 24/7

Tip #1 Use a deep conditioning mask for 10 to 15 minutes BEFORE shampooing! This will protect your hair the entire day. After rinsing off wash the hair with shampoo and treat with the regular conditioner.

Going for a swim in chlorinated or salt water?  Try not to wet your hair! 
Of course I love to take a swim but I always try keep my head above water. Exposure to chlorine can cause dry, porous hair. Dry, porous hair especially hair that has been chemically lightened or highlighted, is more likely to absorb chemicals and discoloration.
Tip #2 Wet your hair with clean, non-chlorinated water first if you decide to take a dive!  The hair follicles will soak up this water rather than the damaging chlorine or salt-filled water.

Head scarfs & hats are a great way to not only to style up your beach look  but also to protect your hair from the harsh sun rays. Plus, it’s perfect for minimizing tangles and knots on super windy days!
Tip #3 Braid your hair! It can help prevent difficulty in brushing out hair later that has been knotted by the wind. Experiment with different styles use leave-in conditioner to keep it soft & smooth.

Use coconut oil for some extra moisturizing protection! Put coconut oil in your hair before you jump in the pool or hit the beach. I rub a small amount between my palms and work into the hair, focusing on the roots and tips.
Tip #4 Rub a small amount of coconut oil on exposed skin before heading out in the sun. Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4 and is a great antioxidant!


 (Pic: me & mom)

Having and keeping beautiful, healthy hair takes some work, money and time, believe me I know! But It’s so worth it.
I’ve been coloring my hair for over 9 years, I use heating tools and I blow dry my hair twice a week. All of this is still possible because I take good care of my hair.
So enjoy your holiday and have fun at the beach but remember your hair is the crown you never take off so be careful with it and protect it 😉


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Lena Charles

Thanks for sharing this interesting article. I think, One should treat her hair right with the right shampoo to make it stronger.


Oh! man, you are truly attractive.
So very beautiful
Lots of love

Siva venkata

Great Tips !! Thanks for sharing