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Hairspray is one of my favorite stylings product! It’s a must have and I always use it before creating any of my up do’s and after to finish off.

I know many of you have a lot of fear when it comes to using it. “It dries my hair out, it cause a lot of damage, hate it because it’s so sticky or I’m afraid to get bald because of it”
Hairsprays come in different types and strengths, just like shampoos, to suit each type of hair. Each hairspray has a description on it, be sure to read those few sentences and pick accordingly.
I’ve been using hair spray since for ever and I came across many products and tested a lot of them. Not every hair spray is a good one. I did the research and I’m sharing my honest opinion with you about the ones that I tested. Ready? Spray!

Elnett hairspray goes all the way back to the time where my mum used to use it in her younger years. It’s every runway stylist’s must-have and for a good reason.
When creating different hairstyles and up do’s it’s important to have a good hold but you also need a spray that brushes out easily without making the hair looking like a candy floss!
Well, Elnett is well known for that! Because of the light satin texture its makes it very easy to create different up do’s and hairstyles and changing them over and over again. It brushes out easily and gives the hair a great amount of shine. You kan use it on dry hair to create texture before creating any up do and after to set everything perfect in place!

Biosilk hairspray has the best smell, seriously (sometimes I use it just for the smell).
I’ve used this product couple of times now and so far I find the spray a little bit sticky. I can feel the product in my hair and thats something im careful with because I love a natural look. However, If I would go for a sleek tight ponytail or a messy bun I would definitely grap this one. It’s ideal for up do’s but not some much for when I’m wearing my hair down.


TIGI BedHead Headrush is the only hairspray i use for shine only! Love the glossy effects it adds to the hair, straight or curly. It doesn’t make the hair looks greasy but shiny in a good way! It has a nice fine mist and an awesome smell that leaves your hair looking clean and shiny. If your hair is dry or dull looking this product is a must have! All you need is a little spray- a little goes a long way.

Diego Dalla Palma H-Gloss Spray Is a new product that I’ve received couple of weeks ago to try out. I’ve tried it once and so far so good. Not my favorite smell to be honest with you and smell is everything to me when it comes to hair products! It’s  similar to the TIGI Headrush spray but less glossy and no hold at all. Perfect for all hair types and great if you have really fine hair because it doesn’t wight the hair down.     

L’Oréal Studio Line #TXT does give your hair hold similar to that of a traditional hairspray but unlike hairspray it leaves your hair with a matte texture. And that’s exactly what I didn’t like about this product. My hair did not look fresh and no one could say that I had actually washed them. The cons of this product is that it’s OK to use on the third or fourth day. Since my hair is already greasy and in need of a texture to survive these couple of hours before washing.

Keune Society hairspray is a strong hold hairspray that does exactly what you want. It gives the hair a great hold, doesn’t feel sticky and has a good smell.

Bed Head Hard Head is one the BEST hair sprays I’ve used so far when it comes to hold. Getting married soon? You need this hairspray to keep your updo beautiful all day! Or if your going for a beachy look you can use this one to keep the waves looking great all day! It’s very easy to use, it has a great smell and it lasts long depending on how much you use.

L’Oréal Studio Pro Lock It reminds me a lot of the Elnett hairspray. It has a decent hold – though not the strongest – and a pleasant smell. Easy to brush out and great to use when wearing your hair down. I don’t like the packaging at all (fly spray?) Other than that it’s a great product to try out!


The correct way to use a hairspray:

*Must hold the spray nozzle at least 30 centimeters (almost 12″) away from your hair and keep the spray can in constant motion

*Before using the hair spray, make sure that the spray nozzle is not gummed up. Otherwise, the hair spray will not leave the can as a fine mist but rather in sticky spurts.

*Sensitive scalp: Hair spray contains alcohol and therefore dries the hair and scalp. You should therefore apply the spray only to the hair ends

*Oily hair:  don’t use hair sprays, which are designed to provide shine (e. g. ultra shine, diamond gloss, glossy finish)

*To reduce the crunchy feel you must avoid going over your hair with any sort of heat after using the spray

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I love your hair.. I have natural curly hair and dry as well, but, I’m allergic to coconut period! so what else would you recommend for dry curly hair .. Help? Thank you n God bless❤️


I love your hair.. I have natural curly hair and dry as well, but, I’m allergic to coconut period! so what else would you recommend for dry curly hair‍♀️.. Help‍♀️ Thank you n God bless❤️


Hi Sarah, I love your posts and all video!! You’re so sweet and your information is so awesome and valuable! I have a question about the frizz.. My hair gets so frizzy in the summer that I almost hate my hair.. I used to apply moroccan oil after washing my hair but that doesnt help.. I’m using a Frizz control hair cream by “Not your mothers,” it’s fine for the bottom of my hair but on the top, the frizz is still there…. My hair is long and I love to keep my hair open but in the summers, I… Read more »