Sustainable is the new Fashionable ‘My Cup of Coffee’ 

If you watch my Instagram stories, you’d notice that I always try to keep my way of living as eco friendly as possible. Especially when it comes to using plastic in my household and in my daily life. I am not perfect, but I always try my best to be aware of the things that might harm the environment. For example, I drink coffee every morning and most of the time I drink it at home. But when I have a busy day and I need my coffee to go, I always remember to bring my own bamboo mug! 

Instead of getting a plastic or paper cup at the coffee shop, I bring my own mug and simply ask them to pour the coffee in my mug. This way I’m not paying for plastic, I’m paying for the coffee only! 

I also said goodbye to plastic straws! Instead, I’m using stainless steel ones. 

No plastic bags, instead I’m using cotton totes.  

I have selected some of my favorite options below so you can shop your own bamboo cup/mug and other cute eco friendly products. 

‘Can I have a latte with oat milk please?’

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you are so cute, Sarah. wish i could mwet you one day


You are a sweetheart