The Twisted Mohawk


Im trying to think of hairstyles lately that I could rock during my frizziest hair days. For this tutorial I’ve brushed my curls out to make the hair big, bigger, biggest! This way the roll  is way more dramatic, obvious and easy to pin in place, since the bobby pin sticks better in frizzy hair and doesn’t slide out! With the help of hair spray I’m smoothing the surface of the roll, just a little bit to get rid of the worst flyaways. Remember this is a hairstyle that was meant to be wild, frizzy and edgy. If you wish to achieve this look with a smoother appearance, you could try this with smoother hair. Tease the entire hair, from roots to end. Smooth it out with a hair brush. Not too much but enough to get rid of the worst fly away and keeping the volume you’ve caused by teasing the hair. Use hairspray and volume powder to get the job done! Spray the bobby pins with hair spray so they stick better in the hair.

I really hope you’ve enjoy creating this updo. Don’t forget to tagg me so I can share your creation on my Instastory!





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