My “home alone moment”

While the winter is just around the corner I find myself often trapped inside the house (comparing to the summer where you can find me outside hanging around the ice cream truck)
But also winter can be charming if you know exactly how to welcome it.



Home decoration and lighting are everything. Candles are a must! And if you have a fire place it’s even better.
I always try to create the best atmosphere at home where relaxation and calmness meet. Creating a place you’ll visit every time you want to have a moment for your self. A place where you will not be disturbed and distracted. It’s doesn’t have to take a lot of space, a corner in the house will do just fine.



“Home alone” moments are a joy. It’s an occasion to have those minutes/hours to my self.

My moment has a specific day and a specific hour. So I know exactly when it’s coming and I’m always looking forward to it.
It’s like the happiness you feel when your about to order Sushi!!

Yes, I do dress up for my “home alone moment”

I wear my cozy sweater and my fluffy socks. I get as comfortable as possible. Nothing must be is too tight!
My messy bun goes perfect with the entire look!
Now my “home alone” moment is always at night (couple of hours before bedtime), so I always light up the candles in my fire place while turning off all the lights in the living room.
It creates this safe, cozy, warm feeling. All focus is around the fireplace.


Let’s escape reality for a moment. And entre the world of Chocolate! My favorite book at the moment. It’s about Romance, Love and Chocolate!
Can you think of a better story than this?
And to make sure I create the perfect atmosphere for this story, I open a box of dark chocolate, for the books sake of course! 🙂



So whether you decide to read your favorite book or just be quiet and doing nothing at all, it doen’t matter. It’s all about taking this MOMENT for yourself. Having the time to sit down and be ONE with yourself. You deserve this! But be careful, you can get addicted 😉



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Kishoth rao

Nice. The pictures, the way you portray things 🙂
You are beauty from inner
xoxo from Malaysia


I really love the pictures of Chubby … He is so cute you just want to caress him ! We miss him 🙁


love u so much sarah, i read this from spain, XO XO