Valentine 2018

Valentine is around the corner again! And It’s never to early to start experimenting with make-up and hair! With this blogpost I want to show you my favorite way to wear my make-up on Valentine or any other romantic date. But also inspire you with other tips/looks to spice up your look during this Valentine.
– My look is bold, smokey and very obvious. Not an everyday look but perfect for a night out or a date night. Since many places including restaurant will use romantic candle light, I love my make up to show even in darker places. The warm colors compliments my eye colour and not in a harsh way. Works perfect for lighter eyes as well by the way (see the look below mine). And since it’s Valentine I went for a kissable, not so red lip color. Nude lips would’ve worked as well but HEY! It’s Valentine 🙂 I mixed Back in Vogue from MAC with this gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lip colour to achieve the colour! XO

The dark lip color is never to be missed when it comes to Valentine. Combine this dark lip color with a dark eye color or a natural eye-makeup! What I absolutely adore about a fierce lip color is that it compliments the entire look when used in the proper way! Below I have included two examples that I love love love! But don’t be afraid to experiment.

The natural glowey look. This look can never miss and works for almost every occasion! I have included this one because I know many of us like to prefer a natural clean make-up look! Don’t forget to match the eye color to the lips, finish off with a peachy cheaky blush!

Cheeks cheeky! I adore a good amount of Blush on the cheeks! Especially during this dating holiday! Try to keep the rest of your make-up as minimum as possible. Besides, if you have a date with mister handsome no need to afraid to show when you blush ;). Plenty of blush on the cheek anyways!

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