Valentine Hairstyles

It’s Valentine day and LOVE is in the Hair!
I couldn’t wait to create this blogpost for you guys! It was so fun going over all the hairstyles that I have created and pick some out that are ValentineProof! Comment below on which one you will create today! Happy Valentine everyone! xx
Beach Wave – What other way to style your hair without wanting to put it up? Beach waves are perfect to style your hair on your Valentine Day! Beach waves are sexy and very romantic. I used a large curling wand to create the Victoria Secret look! Shop them below! Click HERE to see how I created mine Beach Waves look!


The Up-Do – If you decide to go for a up-do, I strongly suggest to go for one of these hairstyles below. The messy beautiful bun. These updo’s are created with a lot of bobby-pins and just the right amount of hairspray. These variations of a messy Chignon’s are very convenient since they can me as messy as you like! Click HERE and see what you need to create one of there beauties!


The Messy Ponytail – And for the ladies that don’t feel like creating a updo of aren’t into a hair-down kinda day, there is always the messy ponytail that you can create for yourself. Just leave some hair-parts out and create a messy/classy ponytail that you can rock on your date! Are you curious about how to create a ponytail like this? Find out HERE!
Curls Curls Curl – I can not say it enough but IF you have your natural curls and you feel like a rebel on your Valentine, Go rock these babies! I can not express how much I love the natural curls days so why not release the curls in you and go for the big CURLS on this Valentine! If you like to know how to set your curls to the next level and make them even bigger? Click HERE and find out!


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