And…..Cut !


A haircut says a lot about you. It shapes your face, it compliments your outfit and even your makeup.
Every haircut needs care and attention and only YOU are responsible for the outcome.

Before you decide getting your “dream” haircut, you need to ask yourself first :

-Am I willing to use products if needed?
-Am I willing to use tools to shape and style the hairstyle?
-Am I willing to visit my hairstylist regularly to maintain this hairstyle?
-Am I willing to spend the time and money that is needed to maintain this hairstyle?

You see every hairstyle has instructions that you should knows about. Instruction of how to shape this hairstyle, how to maintain it beautifully and how to prevent it from looking boring, flat, frizzy or dull. And for that you need to become best friends with your hair!

And that’s exactly what I did 😉

I always blow dry my hair with a brush. My natural hair is curly and frizzy so I can’t enjoy it for a long time since my curls don’t listen to me.
Polishing my hair takes me 30 minutes. It might seems like a lot of time but once I’ve done that, I can sit back and relax and enjoy voluminous and bouncy hair for 3 days!

Because I’m willing to style my hair I can get any haircut I desire.


The best thing about hair, it will always grow back again!

My haircut at the moment is quite classy and “safe”. It’s the first time in a long time since I’ve had long hair and to be honest with you I love it.
To make sure it’s not just long and dull, I added layers around my face and to the rest of the hair to give it some bounce and texture.





Layers make the hair lighter in wight, especially if you have very long and thick hair. Removing some of the weight with layers will add more spring to your (curly) hair
If you have fine or thin hair, layers can add more volume and bounce to your hair. How short the layers should be depends on how thick or fine your hair is. A good hairstylist will determine what’s best for your hair. I have a lot of hair so I need layers to prevent my hair from falling flat. It’s adds volume and make it easy for me to blow dry my hair.





This might sound so cliche but it’s true, at the end of the day we should feel thankful for what we have. Every person is unique and so is your hair.
The grass is always greener on the other side, but loving your hair and accepting it as it is will make it easier for you to enjoy it and to get creative on how to style it.
Hating those frizzy curls or complaining about fine hair won’t change anything but your mood!

There is a solution for every problem and it starts by getting the right haircut 🙂








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What is your face shape dear?


hey sara can you suggest best hair cut for me and also do video on it?? i am having frizzy dry hair thin hair long indian hair..


Can you make a video on your haircut plzz you haircut is so so so beautiful