What’s in my bag

Dolce&Gabbana Sun Wear
Sunglasses for the sunny and the cloudy days. It completes the outfit!

Shiseido Fix Mist
To make sure my skin stays hydrated through out the day. I’m wearing makeup very often so this is easy to spray on my skin with or without make-up on.

Big Sexy Hair
We all love a glowy skin so why not the same for the hair. My hair is naturally dry so this spray will keep it shinny the entire day. 

Aveda Damage Remedy
A dot on the tip of the finger of this moisturiser to nutrition the dry ends. I love the facts that you can use this on dry hair during the entire day. It’s a must have. 

YSL Perfume Mon Paris

Travel size always.

Tangle Teaser
Not that I love to brush my hair often but you need a brush in your bag! I usually use it for teasing or when I’m wearing my curls to define them more. 

Laura Mercier Lip-gloss Blush
To touch up after lunch or dinner but this one is also good for the dry lips. 

Laura Mercier Lipliner Hazelnut Tea
Gorgeous colour that I often love to combine with the lip-gloss. 

Benefit Brow Contour Pro
Just incase! And I also love to use this one as a eyeliner 

Hair pins
If you’re looking for a bobby pin but can’t find one anywhere, take a look in your bag! Obviously A must have to fix anything!  

Hair Elastic
The same as bobby pins. I always have two incase I run into my sister or a friend in need 😉


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